Healthy Achievements Part 3

The third installment of 'Healthy Achievements' focuses on setting and achieving personal health goals more effectively.

Maybe you’ve already achieved your goals. If you have, congratulations. Now set another goal while you have momentum. If you’ve had challenges and hurdles or have a more long term goal and have not given up, congratulations on your perseverance.

I would like to give you now another ingredient for your success—–Accountability

First of all, there is personal accountability. There are many ways that you can hold yourself accountable regularly to stay on track with your health goals.

Let’s use the example of weight loss, simply because it seems to be the most common health goal that people set.

One way you could hold yourself accountable is to get on the scales daily or weekly to measure your progress.

A small notebook, or food journal, can help make you accountable to yourself for the food choices that you’re making daily.

Making a daily checklist of the steps you need to take towards your goals is another way.  Even put gold stars or smiley faces on the calendar on the days that you meet your goals for a reward.

Accountability partners can be even more effective. Research published from doctors at Brown Medical School and Dartmouth University found increased success in people who had accountability partners .

An accountability partner is simply what it sounds like. It is simply a partner that will help hold you accountable for taking the steps towards achieving your health or wellness goal.

It is important that you let them know exactly what your health goals are so they can offer you support

Remember though, If an accountability partner is just patting you on the back or nodding their head when you make excuses, then they’re not really holding you accountable after all. An important part of being accountable to someone is giving them permission to be honest with you. They should be comfortable telling you when you’ve gotten off track or pointing out areas where you may want to focus more of your efforts

These partners can come in many forms. They may come in the form of a doctor, chiropractor, or other health professional that you see on a regular basis. They can sometimes even help you set those goals.

An accountability partner could be a personal trainer or health coach that’s working with you to offer you support. They can possibly offer guidance when we aren’t getting the results expected.

An accountability partner could simply be a good friend, work associate, or relative with similar health goals in mind. Not only can they help keep it fun and interesting. In some cases it even brings out a natural competitive flair that can offer yet another encouraging ingredient to your success. I’ve seen two family members lose over 50 pounds each when they embarked on a weight loss challenge. It wasn’t even important to them in the end who won. They knew, in their hearts, they both did.

Other forms of accountability from the outside could come from support groups. It’s important that you join a support group where you enjoy the people and the environment. Remember, most things are easier when we are enjoying the people around us. These days there are so many different groups to choose from that you’re sure to find one. If not consider forming your own.

Always aim for personal health, while loving others and being gentle with yourself.

If you are having trouble finding an accountability partner contact me and we will find a solution.