Do you need a passionate speaker for your event?

do you want an expert on holistic living for a retreat or workshop? 

Do you need a knowledgeable, experienced Presenter To EDUCATE YOUR GROUP about organic foods, supplements, natural body care or GMOs?

I am a professional speaker who has given more than 150 presentations to companies, universities, hospitals, community organizations, consumers, children, seniors and health professionals.

I will discuss personalized topics, ranging from health and wellness to personal growth and development in order to create a lasting, positive change in your organization.


Regular speaking topics

  • Wellness and wellbeing in the workplace and at home
  • How to eliminate (and handle) stress
  • Knowledge of supplements
  • Goal setting and achievement
  • Floatation meditation

Business CoACHING

I also enjoy working with entrepreneurs and businesses on a more in-depth level to clarify their vision, train their staff, increase their sales and profitability—and to rediscover why they love what they do. I will share several principles that I have found successful in my own businesses:

  • Clearly defining the results you want
  • Identifying what data is vital to know
  • Relating to your employees
  • Truly connecting with your customers and their needs

For Speaking Inquiries

What you can expect

  1. A prompt response to your inquiry.
  2. A personal consultation before the event to ensure I deliver what you want.
  3. Promotion of your event on my website and social media channels.


Putting together the team for a Right to Know Ohio event in 2011- one thing we really needed was an excellent facilitator.  Someone that could keep the audience engaged and also promote the speakers and panel members with the honor they deserved.  This person also needed to be well versed in the topic of GMOs and the natural and organic world.

Zedrick Clark stepped into that position and created an evening that is still being talked about today.

He took a very complex topic and helped to create an environment where people felt safe in asking questions.  Zedrick also could easily step in and fill the gaps that may have been left open from a panelist.

From my own personal experience, I would highly recommend Zedrick Clark.  He was prepared and ready to create an unforgettable experience for all that attended.

Joy Zipper
Right to Know Ohio

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