People have called Zedrick the “Walking Encyclopedia” of Holistic Health and Personal Development.

PEACE. THanks for stopping by and taking time to learn about me.

Only then did I discover my  true passion of teaching, motivating, and inspiring others to create the best version of themselves. 

The store simply became a platform for me to guide others to live their dreams, see what is possible, and to heal and transform. 

Doing what I love and learning to love what I do are essential to my life and success.

It’s amazing how, what I thought was my dream business , would simply be the door to my true calling. I went from from speaking to a couple people at a time about the possibility I see for them to speaking to hundreds of people alongside Best Selling Authors, Doctors, and Entrepreneurs. 

Some of my biggest health and career challenges have shown up when I wasn’t being authentic and trusting myself. When I believe in myself and my vision, I achieve extraordinary results......And So Can You.


I’ve always loved to learn, enjoyed sharing stories and deeply cared about people.

Since my teens, my dream was to own a business that could improve the quality of life for people I served. I declared I’d own a Natural Food Store and teach others what I learned along the way.

I stayed committed and took every opportunity I could to learn what I needed to attain my dream.

I spent nearly a decade, learning everything I could about the natural food movement. I worked with Natural Food, Supplement and Body Care Companies, Health Food Stores, Wellness Clinics, and restaurants.

The day came and I did it. I bought the store of my dreams.

What I have Achieved

  • Writing: My articles about achieving personal wellness and small business success have been published locally and nationally.
  • Speaking: Businesses hire me to speak to their employees about wellness, communication, stress management, and sales performance. I am also an emcee for wellness fairs, educational seminars, and trainings.    
  • Consultant: I work with Natural Products Expo East and West on the retail advisory broad, created workshops, and industry expert for retail store tours.
  • Business Owner: I am the founder of Nature's Food Market in Berlin, Ohio. I also founded the Tri County Health Expo, Reflect Float Center and Native Soul Body Care. 


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